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Credit injections are made when the customer is added as an authorized user of a credit account with good payment history, which allows him to “transfer” a reputable account to his own history. This is possible because the creditors will provide the credit companies with all the history of the credit account, which the authorized user receives. FICO® digests this newly added credit and recalculates your score with drastic improvements.

The issuing bank reports positive credit history, including account age, business line limit, and positive payment history to Experian, TransUnion, and / or Equifax.

Bank Name Card ID Credit Limit Date Opened Purchase By Date Reporting Date Stock Price
Barclays 18369 6,300 2015 May Jul 5th Jul 16th - Jul 23rd 4 $740
Barclays 14824 21,900 2015 Jul Jul 13th Jul 24th - Jul 31st 1 $960
Barclays 2850 30,000 2018 Sep Jul 13th Jul 24th - Jul 31st 3 $905
Barclays 11418 15,000 2014 Nov Jul 13th Jul 24th - Jul 31st 1 $877.50
Barclays 7092 20,000 2014 Sep Jul 13th Jul 24th - Jul 31st 1 $987.50

Frequent questions

Because the statement date for each credit injection is different, this posting window may vary, so we provide detailed information as soon as the order is completed.

Capital One, Bank of America, Discover, USAA and Navy Federal, U.S. Bank generally report to all 3 credit bureaus.

Credit injections are not permanent. The Customer has the option, for an extra payment, to extend the commercial line for 30-180 days during the first 35 days after their initial purchase. After 35 business days, if we have not received an extension request, we will ask our cardholder to remove it from the credit injection after two billing cycles have passed. Deleted credit injections will appear much like the “closed” status or the “terminated authorized user relationship” status on your credit report.

We guarantee the publication of the injections in at least 2 of the credit bureaus. We have no control over credit injection which reports faster to credit bureaus and does not guarantee publication with more than one credit bureau.

To increase the probability that they will appear in the 3 credit bureaus, a minimum of 3 injections should be purchased from 3 different banks.